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Tech Support
Virtual Rosary is designed to be super-easy to use, but as with all works-in-progress, it is never perfect. If you are new to using the program, have a question, or have discovered a bug, consult here first.

Tech Support

Tech Support : Instructions

These instructions apply only to the Windows version.

also be sure to check the frequently asked questions


Thanks for installing Virtual Rosary, the original and most widely used Multimedia Rosary. :) It is my prayer that God works through this program and blesses all who pray with it and helps all whom are prayed for.

First an important note: Virtual Rosary and all CatholicWare software are given away free of charge (except that you use them :). If you like the program, PLEASE tell all your friends about it. Don't hesitate to make copies of it on floppy disks to distribute. The filesize is intentionally small enough for that reason. Remember, no profit in any way is, was, or ever will be made off of this program. Virtual Rosary is simply my 'Thank You' to God for all that he's done and continues to do in my life and to Mary for her loving guidance.

Installation and Uninstallation Notes

Obviously, you have successfully installed Virtual Rosary, or you would not be reading this help file right now. However, it is necessary to answer a few important commonly asked questions. First of all, the file you downloaded from the website (vrsetup.exe) can be deleted once Virtual Rosary is successfully installed on your PC. But it is recommended that you keep a copy of it just in case you need to reinstall it later, or in case you would like to pass on a copy of the program to a friend. Simply put your downloaded file on a floppy disk and freely distribute it. To uninstall Virtual Rosary, go to the Control Panel and select Add/Remove program or select "Uninstall" in Virtual Rosary's folder in the Windows Start>Programs Menu.

Praying with Virtual Rosary

Virtual Rosary serves 3 main functions:
1. It is an incredibly easy-to-use teacher of the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet.
2. It is also a tool in deepening meditation on the mysteries with its inclusion of meditations, music, and imagery.
3 Virtual Rosary serves is now also a worldwide interactive prayer network with the inclusion of the new feature, PrayerCast. Virtual Rosary provides a peaceful retreat from the regular hub-bub of the office, school, and home.

To use Virtual Rosary, simply run the program from the start menu. Upon its startup, You will need to choose whether you want to pray the Rosary or the Divine Mercy Chaplet. It will ask you for the day of the week (although it should automatically have the right one pre-selected). If the day is Sunday, then the usually grayed option of Liturgical Season will be enabled. If you don't know what liturgical season you are in, just click Easter-Advent. Mary won't mind if you have the wrong liturgical season selected, believe me! :) Through choosing the day, the program knows which set of mysteries (joyful, sorrowful, or glorious) to display meditations and illustrations for. On the title screen, you are also asked whether or not you want to use PrayerCast. (meaning it would download the latest 50 prayer intentions from our website and display one with each prayer.) It will only ask you this if you are connected to the internet.

From there on, the only button necessary to click in the program is the "Amen" button. Pray the prayer (yes it can be silent or aloud :) in the white prayer box and click "Amen". Clicking the Amen button is equivalent to moving to the next bead on a physical set of Rosary beads. As the prayers progress, the bead tracker at the bottom of the program window will show you your progress, and the program will show you an illustration and meditation corresponding to the current mystery. The meditation aids are optional and don't have to be read or viewed, but do help even the most devoted to the Rosary to meditate on Christ's life deeper. Music can also optionally play in the background if you go to that setting in the program. If PrayerCast is enabled, the very bottom of the screen will contain the intentions.

Praying with the Virtual Chaplet of Divine Mercy

This is of course very much similar to praying with the Virtual Rosary. Just select Chaplet when you begin the program. It will then ask if you'd like to begin a 9-day novena or pray a single chaplet. Like Virtual Rosary, all that needs to be done is to click the 'Amen' button to procede through. And the options and preferences, including PrayerCast and Music features are identical.

Options and Preferences

Many options are available in Virtual Rosary, allowing you to customize virtually everything. To begin with, the font size of the prayer box and meditation box are resizable through the "Preferences" menu.

A selection of 12 (at time of Virtual Rosary 2000's first release) languages are available. Please note that the foreign language feature only changes the language of the Prayer!

If all the features of Virtual Rosary prove to be too much clutter to allow you to focus, you can make parts of the interface, such as the decade tracker, invisible (disabled) through the Preferences menu. Simply uncheck them.

Through the Window menu and two buttons at the top right of Virtual Rosary, you can hide the entire meditation area of the program's interface.

If the "Always on Top" option in the "Preferences" menu is checked, Virtual Rosary will stay on top of all the other windows currently open. To disable this, simply uncheck that option.

Also, the Daily Rosary reminder will run once a day (at the first startup of the computer each day) and simply remind you to pray the Rosary. Uncheck this option if you wish to disable this feature.

By default, the music for Virtual Rosary is "Ave Maria." However, you can open and play any MIDI file in the background by selecting "Open Music File" from the "Music" menu.
Virtual Rosary an play MP3 Files and MIDI. However, to play MP3, you must have a recent version of Windows Media Player installed on your computer. Windows 98 or beyond should already have it.

Virtual Rosary's main window is resizable. Simply drag the corners of the screen to make the screen as big or as small as you like.

PrayerCast (even if not started at the beginning of using Virtual Rosary) can be started or stopped at any point by going to PrayerCast>Start/Stop PrayerCast. Also, by selecting "Add Worldwide Intention", you will be brought to our website where you can enter your prayer intention which will then be available to everyone else worldwide who is using Virtual Rosary.

Please note that all changed options are saved in Virtual Rosary when the program is exited.

PrayerCast and You!

PrayerCast is the new worldwide prayer intention system for Virtual Rosary. Ok, without all those buzz words, it pretty much means that people can post their prayer intentions (what they would like others to pray for) on the website at and Virtual Rosary will display these intentions in the program, 1 per prayer. Of course, this feature requires an internet connection. If your computer is not connected to the internet, but it has been before when you used PrayerCast, VRosary will use the last set of intentions that it downloaded. If you aren't online and never were, then Virtual Rosary won't enable that feature.

Be a Prayer Warrior! Pray for others!!!

Using the Rosary Reminder

The Rosary Reminder is a small program that executes itself at the first startup of your computer every day. Note that it won't display itself more than once a day, even if your computer is started multiple times that day. It simply displays a small message box that reminds you to pray the rosary, and it gives you the options of closing the reminder or starting Virtual Rosary. The reminder can be disabled. If you wish not to have it displayed when your computer starts, simply uncheck the box on the reminder that says "Display Reminder Daily". The reminder can be re-enabled and disabled within Virtual Rosary through the Preferences menu.

All about Modules

Modules are a unique feature of Virtual Rosary. Simply put, they allow different Illustrations and/or Scripture/Meditations to be displayed in Virtual Rosary. Virtual Rosary automatically displays its two default modules that it comes with, (default image, default meditation) but more modules can be downloaded from this website. Check the site often for new modules. When a module is selected, the choice for default scripture/image modules becomes enabled, which, if chosen, sets the module back to the original. By selecting "About current module," a messagebox displays the identification tag of the current meditation module. Please note that when an image module is selected, the image won't change until the next decade.

If you have any more questions on issues I haven't covered in this brief help file, feel free to
email me. I'd be more than happy to help!