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Pray for the world and ask the world to pray for you! This is the goal of PrayerCast, to gather together a global prayer network.

Virtual Rosary retrieves the latest prayer requests from this website and displays them, 1 per prayer of the Rosary.

So remember that all prayer requests here also appear in the Virtual Rosary program.

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I know PrayerCast may seem to be outgrowing itself. The next version will attempt to address this. I couldn't imagine a happier problem! I thank you all for how much you've been a part of this. I really do believe we're changing the world. But I need to ask your help in trying to share the system until the new one is up.

First a quick note:
If you're new, welcome to the family!

Please click 'Add Prayer' only once. It may take a few moments. Thank you!

Also, please remember that PrayerCast is an open, loving community that wants to pray with you. But please don't repost your same prayer request many times in a row changed only slightly. Beleieve me, the Lord hears you either way. :)

Coming soon: PrayerCast 2